Gravels, Roadbase, & Sands Per Yard Prices

Bull rock,11/2 Gravel ,Pea Gravel, Rainbow Rock,  $68.00

Masonry Sand $30.00

Torpedo Sand $39.50

Decomposed Granite $71.50

PINK GRANITE 1" $85.00

Granite 1 1/2 down $71.00

5/8Black-Star Gravel $135.00

1"Black -Star gravel $150.00

2"Black-Star gravel $145.00

Limestone Base $65.75

Crushed Concrete $55.75

Llano River Rock 1-2" $85.00

Mulches & Soils Per Yard Prices

Black Mulch, Red Mulch, Native Hardwood $27.50

 Black Velvet $35.00 

    Pine Mulch $39.50   

Cedar Mulch  $44.00

   Black Humus $65.00  


 Garden Blend or Enriched TOPSOIL $38.50

Top Soil Screened $38.50

Bank Sand $30.00 Clay $20.00

Bagged Products Available 

Black Velvet Mulch, Black Humus, Mushroom Compost, Top Soil, Cedar Mulch, Planting Mix, & Potting Soil

Pallets of Rock

Moss Rock, Moss Rock Boulders, Oklahoma Flagstone, Arizona Flagstone, Oklahoma Creek Rock, Arizona River Rock, Colorado River Rock, Limestone Chopped, Oklahoma Chopped, Texas Patio, Petrified Wood & Oklahoma Boulders

Grass Products

Please call for availability 

St. Augustine $155.00

Bermuda by special order only

We Deliver

Delivery available starting at $30.00

Please call 936-597-8500 for delivery information. 10 yards of material purchased is FREE delivery within a 20 mile round trip.

Contact Us 936-597-8500

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during business hours. Location is 3.5 miles west of Bentwater Subdivision


19976 W FM-1097 Rd, Montgomery, Texas 77356, United States

(936) 597-8500


Monday - Friday: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am-2:00 pm

Sunday: Closed

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